Dan Grider loves juggling like he would a small puppy.  Dan has been professionally entertaining audiences with his juggling mastery and comedic genius since the year 2000.  Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, he has performed in a wide variety of venues ranging from corporate events to nonprofits, football halftime shows to cabarets across the U.S.  He has even performed as the juggler in the opera.  He juggles clubs, rings, balls, knives, he eats fire and stilt-walks just to name a few.  Dan is a great circus coach from beginner to advanced, kids to adults.  In adition to juggling he can teach unicycle, rolling globe, ragdoll, circus skating, rolabola, stilts, tight wire, fire eating, minitramp, partner acrobatics, and flying trapeze.

Have you heard rumors about Dan being 86’d from a coffee shop, the Atlanta Aquarium, and Iowa?  All false!  Dan was kicked out of Canada, not Iowa.  Fortunately, Canadian authorities said he could return with proper identification.

If you are not already, after Dan’s show you will be completely addicted to the art of throwing and catching things.  Lastly you can quote Dan, saying…  “A rolling stone gathers no moth balls.”

-Rave reviews of Dan and his mad skills.

  • “Dan was a wonderful addition to our troupe!  His juggling abilities are amazing and his humor is fabulous!  His act fits with all types of crowds.  We will definitely ask him to work with us again!”
    – Charles Jennings, Owner/Manager of Dr. Farrago’s Burlesque Theatre
  • “Dan is part juggler, part comedian, he’s a performer. Also, he’s just a nice guy, someone you feel good supporting.”
    – Yoni Reinharz, Promoter of the Hip Hop + Harmony Music Festival
  • “Dan’s act was the perfect entertainment highlight for our reception, and his unique talents and personable charm left his audiences wanting more.  If I ever need a juggler and entertainer for my special events, I will hire the versatile and distinctive Dan Grider.”
    – Kathleen Hansen, Assistant Managing Director of University Theatre, University of Minnesota
  • “Dan coached our campers to create the best circus show we have ever seen at camp.  Dan was a model staff member and would be a tremendous benefit to any organization that is in need of his teaching abilities, reliability, talent for communicating, patience, and skilled work.”
    – Geoff Burnett, Director of Long Lake Camp for the Arts
  • “Both as performer and workshop leader, Dan proved to be an engaging and dynamic personality.  His performance in our Public Show was near dropless.  …a true juggler’s juggler.”
    – Jim Maxwell, Organizer 2008 Austin Jugglefest

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