Juggling links

www.mondofest.org -Minneapolis Juggling fest.

juggling.place.org/jugglefest -Austin Juggle Fest.

www.neverthriving.org -Minneapolis juggling club

www.tcuc.org -Twin Citys Unicycle Club

www.juggle.org -International Jugglers’ Association

www.juggling.org -Juggling Information Service

www.performers.net -The online comunity for variety performers. I like Jim, and this site.

Friends and Family

www.livingtech.net -My bro’s site.

www.brokencrow.com -My other bro. Great art !

www.hilby.net -Comedian, Juggler, German, Friend.

www.markhayward.net -Dorky yet cool, funny…very funny, Mark is amazing.

www.bigfunshow.com -Dave is the best!

www.vanessavortex.com – Hula Hoops Galore.

www.trevorkafka.com – Trevor Kafka: aerialist and floor acrobat, performer and instructor.

www.scottstreble.com -Great Photographer.

recumbent and quazi related links

www.calhouncycle.com -THE recumbent Specialist in minneapolis. I highly recommend them.

www.dangrider.com/bikes -Dan’s homebuilt recumbent & Fixie folder bicycles, +more bike links.